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Frequently asked questions


Q: Do I need to make arrangements through a funeral home for cremation, or can I deal directly with the crematory?


A: Yes, you need to go through a funeral home to make arrangements for cremation. A cremation permit must be obtained by a Licensed Funeral director.


Q: Will I be in a casket when placed into the crematory unit?


A: Yes, we require that all decedents are in an enclosure, either a wood casket or an alternative container. Alternative containers are typically constructed of wood and cardboard.


Q: How is the decedent transported to the crematory?


A: Decedent is transported to the Crematory by funeral home staff.


Q: How long does the cremation process take?


The cremation process typically takes about 2 to 3 hours.


Q: Can I watch the cremation?


A: Yes, at Sunset Valley Crematory family is welcome to watch their loved one get placed into the crematory unit from our specially designed witnessed cremation family room.

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