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Our History

Sunset Valley Crematory was established in 1983 by Gary Fogelsonger at the site of his burial vault company. Mr. Fogelsonger operated the crematory at the vault company until 1991 when he constructed the current facility at 1617 Lewis St. After a long successful career operating both the crematory and vault company, Mr. Fogelsonger retired from the business in 2020 and sold Sunset Valley Crematory to Garrett DeWyse.

Mr. DeWyse brings a diverse and well-suited background to the business.  Along with a long work history in the death care industry, Mr. DeWyse  also has experience in public service working as a law enforcement officer and firefighter. In addition to his work experience Mr. DeWyse's education is in business, having graduated from Saginaw Valley State University. 

We have been honored to host many different religious ceremonies at out facility to include Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism services in our family witnessing room.

Early Historical Record of Cremation

The practice of cremation by the Greeks has been traced back as early as 1000 BCE. The Greeks seem to have adopted cremation as an imperative of war to ensure soldiers slain on foreign land could be returned home for a family funeral. In Greek society cremation became associated with valor, patriotism, and military glory.


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